Explaining How There Is Only, Really, One Tony Lockett


“There’s a pig on the ground. There’s a pig at full forward!”Sandy Roberts, Channel 7 commentator.


The play had stopped and Roberts cried: “He’s on a lead, he’s on a lead!” Laughter filled the commentary box as a small pig that resembled the likes of the famous Babe, rather than the modern-day Peppa variety, ran riot on the paddock of the Sydney Cricket Ground. Continue reading

What About Those Forgotten AFL Players, Part II

We’ve started a series on AFL’s forgotten players, legends, characters, overachievers and underachievers. To catch up, you can read Part I. Here’s Part II. If there are players you want us to write about, email us at: thefiftyfooty@gmail.com. Continue reading

Ranking the Best Footballers Who Wore Jumper No.1

In celebration of the upcoming first round of AFL Football, I decided to rank the top 10 players to ever to wear no.1 on the back of their jumpers. I hope this raises debate about who should be on this list that didn’t get selected, but most of all, these are the players, I remember, who dominated no.1. Continue reading

How I Learned to Love the Tigers and Football at North Hobart Oval

I wasn’t born into a footballing family. But the older I grew, the more I realised how one game was the beginning of my affection for life.

Childhood memories often hold funny and bizarre recollections that are vague in parts. But there are few things that stand out from this cloudy day at North Hobart in early 1998. From the Murray to the Derwent – I was a nine-year-old kid raised on rivers moving from Riverina town of Albury, to Olde Hobart Town a couple of years prior. And there was a lot to learn about the culture of an Aussie Rules match in Tassie. Continue reading

50 Things We Love About Football

As we begin this bracing undertaking to tell wistful stories about the world of Australian Rules Football and its culture, we at the Fifty decided we’d love to start by breaking it right down to the specific things we treasure about the game.

It very quickly dawned on us that there were a lot of them and that it was likely there were others out there who felt the same. This is not an all-encompassing list, nor are we telling you this is what you should like, because anyone who is a football fan knows that would be impossible. This list resembles things that we, at The Fifty, admire, remember and can’t let go of when it comes to football.
Continue reading

How To Remember Nick Davis


You could rattle off a great deal of dire things about how it all played out for Nick Davis – how he fired off a cheap shot publicly to his coach Paul Roos by insinuating the only reason he was dropped was to teach him a lesson for the team losing the week before. It still rubs me the wrong way, that these are the things we vividly recollect when thinking about a free-spirited guy like Nick Davis. Continue reading